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Bluelounge® Sanctuary & Sanctuary4

Universal Charger With a Slick Design

Bluelounge® Sanctuary & Sanctuary 4

The Sanctuary from Bluelounge is a revolutionary charging station designed for the modern lifestyle. Have a phone? A music player? A tablet? A handheld video game device? The Sanctuary can charge all these and much more! Its unique collection of 12 different charging cords allows it to plug into over 1500 different electronic devices! For the lately smartphones, older generation cell phones, gaming devices, bluetooth headphones, and any other device you can think of, the Sanctuary contains a power plug for it! Even those hard to find or unique devices can be charged with the USB plug contained inside the sanctuary, giving you extra customization to plug in almost any device. Use is easy to, as all that is required is removing the inner tray, pulling out the desired cords, replacing the inner tray, then plugging your device in!

Protect & House Electronics

Most device docking stations can only fit one electronic device. And more often than not, a specific device at that. The Sanctuary, however, can house multiple devices of different types. Laying your phone or music player to rest in the soft inner shelf provides a layer of comfort and protection. The chances of your devices falling of a table, being damaged, or getting lost, are basically eliminated. In addition, you can store any objects in the sanctuary that you wish. Car keys, wallet, watch, jewelry, and many more important items can be kept next to your electronic devices, creating a modern safe of your most used items.

  • Can hold electronic devices as well as personal items.
  • Acts as a safe location to store your devices.
  • Can charge phones, bluetooth devices, mp3 players, and more!
  • Soft yet durable design protects your devices while charging.
  • Perfect as a shared docking station a personal organizer.
  • Looks great in the living room or in the bedroom.
  • Compatible with over 1500 electronic devices.
  • 100v-240v ac adapter.
  • 9 inch by 9 inch square in size and 1.85 inches tall.
  • Contains 12 different charging cords.


Price/Ea: $129.95
Total: $129.95
Price/Ea: $149.95
Total: $149.95
Price/Ea: $129.95
Total: $129.95
Price/Ea: $99.95
Total: $99.95
Price/Ea: $99.95
Total: $99.95