Desk Trays

Manage & Hide Cables Under Your Desk

WireRun® Wahoo™ Under Desk Cable Basket

Designed to organize all cords and cables under your desk, the Wahoo™ under desk cable basket is made of high-quality powder coated steel with pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation. The under desk cable basket is designed to withstand everyday use to neatly and efficiently organize power, data and A/V cables, keeping your work area safe.

  • Sturdy basket tray designed to attaches to any desk or wall
  • Organizes your power, data, and A/V cables and more neatly and efficiently
  • Made of high-quality powder coated steel with mounting holes
  • One person can easily handle assembly

WireRun® Ballyhoo™ Under Desk Cable Tray

Ballyhoo™ under desk wire tray will work wonders for your home, office or anywhere cable management is needed. Power supplies, speakers, cords, and more can be lifted off the floor to avoid and hazards and since this attaches under the table, your cables management won’t be seen by prying eyes. Eliminate the clutter.


Product Features & Benefits

  • Attach this tray to the underside of most tabletops including wood, granite, or glass.
  • Hooks on the edge of this tray will allow you to hang other items such as speakers, headphone cords, or even a purse or briefcase.
  • Easy installation, just screw in fours screws (included) and you can start organizing in seconds.
  • Can be mounted vertically or horizontally to a wall or desk support.


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