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Braided Fiberglass Lacing Tape

A-A-52083 TYPE IV

fiberglass lacing tape
Braided Fiberglass Lacing Tape

Lasts longer than cable ties. Cable ties turn brittle and degrade over time due to environmental exposure and loss of plasticizers. A roll of lacing tape can manage any size cable bundle, from a couple of 22AWG wires to a fistful of heavy power cables. Cable ties leave a sharp edge where the tail was cut off that can snag or get hung up. Some applications such as aerospace and aviation may specify laced harnesses as a design requirement. Lacing tape is ideal for lashing wires or cables to ladder bars, conduit and other wire management solutions.Unlike cable ties, the insulation on wires bundled with lacing tape has less chance of cold flowing and shorting. No sharp edges to cut installer's hands when reaching into a tightly packed wiring cavity. Lacing tape is available in a wide range of materials, sizes and finishes to accommodate any engineering requirement.

  • Produced From Continuous Filament Electrical Grade Glass
  • Available Colors: Natural (NT)
  • Finishes: D-TFE-Fluorocarbon
  • Extremely High Temperature Performance
  • Thermal Endurance: -67° to 800°F (-55° to 427°C) 2,102°F/1,150°C Melt Temp.
  • Thermal Endurance: -67° to 800°F (-55° to 427°C) 2,102°F/1,150°C Melt Temp.

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