360 Rotating Outlets

Protect and charge all your gadgets with ease

360 outlet
Revolutionary design for your bulky chargers and plugs

For the first time in history, the sockets in your wall outlet can actually rotate 360 degrees, providing maximum flexibility. What’s the Problem?! 360 Electrical President, Kim Gerard’s idea came from a real world problem. For professional reasons, she was carrying two cell phones and was getting frustrated that she could not charge them in the same outlet because of their large plugs. As a result, 360 Electrical was born!

  • Allows you to connect multiple large plugs in the same outlet.
  • All 360 product sockets rotate in either direction a full 360 degrees.
  • No inside wires so each socket rotates freely in either direction.
  • Several 360 products also provide grounding and surge protection.
  • Can be used as fixtures at home or taken with you for the road.
  • 360 products are durable, efficient, easy to use, and economical.
  • Rated 15A-125V and listed UL 498
360 outlet

360 outlet
360° Outlets

360's exclusive “Plug and Turn” System with premium copper to copper contacts provides an unlimited 360° rotation and continuous power to your devices, even during rotation. Each outlet is turned while a plug is inserted, and rotates to one of 18 various directions, allowing for full control over what direction your plugs and wires face while plugged in. The various 360 outlets and sockets are UL rated and also offer more space around them than traditional sockets, all while remaining the same standard size and fitting any conventional plugs and cords.

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