Cord Management, Ultra Thin Design

Ultra-Thin Design Prevents the Cord from Overlapping

Cableyoyo is an empty spool around which you wrap your existing cord. It will take any cord up to 3/16" in diameter, and this covers all low voltage chargers, USB, firewire, data and telephone cables.

The Cableyoyo's cool design is ultra-thin so the cord cannot overlap when coiled. This neat coiling ensures that you can pack the most cord into the smallest amount of space and still keep it truly untangled and untwisted when extended. The ultra thin design also means it packs easily into those narrow pockets in a laptop bag or your pocket, with little bulging.

Cableyoyo is sold in three great stealth colors: black, white and silver to match your electronics. Get one for each cable, and then get some more for your friends.

How it works
cableyoyo 1

Cableyoyo spools wire manually. It winds and unwind easily - however, it does not automatically retract cord.

cableyoyo 2

COILING: Set the cord across the front of the Cableyoyo and begin coiling by turning the cord around the center. Coil until the desired length is achieved, then use internal clasp to fix position.

cableyoyo 3

MOUNTING: Use adhesive spindle to stick Cableyoyo to any nearby surface. Fasten Cableyoyo to the adhesive spindle. Push at center to remove Cableyoyo from the spindle.