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Twister® Pro Wire Connectors

Square Spring, Winged Connectors

IDEAL® Twister® Pro Wire Connectors

Twister® PRO Wire Connectors from Ideal Industries provide several useful advantages over typical twist-on connectors, including features like wider wings, much more secure springs, and a wide wire gauge range for added comfort and versatility. Safely splices and insulates 2 or more electrical wires. Fast termination without crimping or additional tools; simply insert wires and twist for a secure connection. Sure-grip™ wing design and molded vertical grooves provide comfort during installation, especially for high-volume jobs.



TEMP RATING: Shell Rated To 105°C

What Are Wire Connectors For?

Wire nuts, also known as wire connectors or twist-on wire connectors, are electrical components used for joining or splicing electrical wires together. They are commonly used in electrical installations, repairs, and wiring connections in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. The primary purposes of wire nuts include:

Electrical Connections: Wire nuts are used to securely join two or more electrical wires, creating a reliable and safe electrical connection. They ensure that electrical current can flow between the connected wires without any interruptions or risk of short circuits.

Wire Splicing: When extending or repairing electrical circuits, wire nuts are used to splice (connect) wires together, enabling the electrical system to continue functioning properly

Insulation: Wire nuts also serve as insulating devices, as they typically have a plastic or rubber casing that protects the exposed wire ends, preventing accidental contact with live wires and minimizing the risk of electric shocks.

Color Coded Identification: Wire nuts often come in various colors, each denoting a specific size and capacity for wire combinations. This color-coding makes it easier for electricians and DIY enthusiasts to match the right wire nut to the corresponding wire sizes and ensures a proper and secure connection.

Reusability: In some cases, wire nuts can be reused if needed, although it's generally recommended to use new ones for safety and reliability.