HD34-18-20PN - HD30 Series - 20 Pin Receptacle - 18 Shell - N Seal - Flange

Hd34 18 20pn3d
Hd34 18 20pn

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Unit Price: $37.56

Total Price: $37.56

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #HD34-18-20PN

Product Description

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Deutsch HD30 Series

DDeutsch metal HD30 Series provides quick and easy coupling and cost effectiveness with heavy duty terminations for the truck, bus and off-highway industries. The HD30 is a heavy duty rated, environmentally sealed, and multi-pin connector that uses a bayonet coupling system to provide a vibration resistant locking mechanism. These rugged connectors with seals fabricated from tear resistant, high temperature silicone, and a rear grommet, protect the contacts from moisture, sand, dust, lubricating oils, fuel, road salt, hydraulic fluid, grease, mud and other contaminants encountered in heavy duty operations that can contaminate or damage electrical connections and systems.
Deutsch HD30 connectors are specifically designed for critical applications in harsh environments where dust, dirt, moisture, salt spray, and rough terrain The Deutsch HD30 Series connectors are constructed from a metal shell developed to meet the needs of the heavy duty equipment and transportation industries. the HD30 Series features include quick connect-disconnect bayonet coupling, single hole bulkhead mounting, silicone seals, and a rear insertion/rear removal contact system.

Technical Specifications

SeriesHD30 Series
Contact Size16, 20
Cavities20 Cavities

Total Price: $37.56

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