HT30080G - 22-18 AWG Moisture Resistant Nylon Insulated Butt Connector - Red - 10 piece pack


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Hillsdale Terminals

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Product Details

ManufacturerHillsdale Terminals
Manufacturer Part #HT30080G

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Butt Connectors

These Hillsdale Terminals Butt Connectors are perfect for extending the length of wires used for things such as sound systems, security systems, vehicles, and many other applications. The connector is used by simply inserting the ends of two wires you wish to connect into either opening and crimping the internal metal of the butt connector tight onto them. This allows for smooth uninterrupted current flow as if the wire is one continuous length with no splice.

AMERICAN WIRE GAUGES: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, & 26

INSULATION TYPES: Vinyl, Nylon, Heatshrink, & Non-Insulated

TERMINAL TYPES: Insulated, Non-Insulated, & Step Down

COLORS: Silver, Red, Yellow, & Blue

DOCUMENTS: Hillsdale Terminal Catalog

The Different Types of Butt Connectors

Vinyl Insulated Butt Connectors: These connectors are made with a vinyl insulation layer that helps to protect the wires from moisture and corrosion. They are available in a range of colors to help identify different wire sizes and are typically used in low-voltage applications, such as automotive and marine wiring. They are easy to crimp and provide good wire retention.

Heat Shrink Insulated Butt Connectors: These connectors are made with a heat-shrinkable tubing that provides both insulation and strain relief for the wires. They are designed to be crimped onto the wire and then heated to shrink the tubing, creating a tight seal around the joint. They are ideal for use in high-vibration environments or applications where the joint is exposed to moisture or other environmental factors.

Nylon Insulated Butt Connectors: These connectors are made with a nylon insulation layer that is designed to resist both moisture and corrosion. They are typically available in blue or yellow colors and are commonly used in industrial or high-voltage applications. They offer good wire retention and are easy to crimp.

Non-Insulated Butt Connectors: These connectors are made of metal, typically brass, and do not have an insulation layer. Non-insulated butt connectors are often used in applications where the wires will not be exposed to moisture or corrosive environments. They are commonly used in automotive and industrial applications and are suitable for high-voltage and high-temperature environments.

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Technical Specifications

American Wire Gauge18 AWG, 20 AWG, and 22 AWG

Total Price: $2.82

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