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Wirecare is proud to offer you the kits you need to get your job done. With multiple kits to help suit your needs, we offer a easy way to not only get the parts you need but store them conveniently during your job. There is even a kit that has a little of every connection you may need on almost any site.

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  • Great Variety
  • Proseal kits
  • Multiseal Kits
  • Sturdy Latching Plastic
  • Solderseal Kits
  • Good for Any Application

American Wire Gauge

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Price/Ea: $69.75
Total: $69.75
Price/Ea: $159.03
Total: $159.03
Price/Ea: $43.52
Total: $43.52
Price/Ea: $100.44
Total: $100.44
Price/Ea: $58.59
Total: $58.59