BY-BE02511B-2-2-2-Z404-U5-120 - ELLORA B 4 Ports Power Data Center - (2) Power Outlets 120" Cord and (2) USB 2 Port Simplex Charger - Storm Finish


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Unit Price: $270.60

Total Price: $270.60

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #BY-BE02511B-2-2-2-Z404-U5-120

Product Description

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Ellora B Power and Data Center

Ellora B makes managing power and data more simple and stylish than ever. It is offered in four neutral colors, When in use, simply open the lid for east access right at your work surface. When not in use, softly close the lid to hide cable clutter and have an even work space. The Ellora B has everything you love about the standard Ellora, just with new features that bring its design to a new level.

CORD LENGTH: 72" & 120"

COLORS: Black, Fog, Storm, & White

Product Features & Benefits

  • Concealable power, USB, and data options
  • New features that elevate the unit's design
  • Has a one-piece, seamless aluminum frame so that it's available with 4 or 6 ports
  • Each port can be replaced with a variety of power or data options
  • Power and data options are molded plastic in the same color
  • Custom options for finishes are available
  • Sleek, Paintable (with latex paint) finish
  • Comes with a soft closing lid for a clean and streamlined appearance

Technical Specifications


Total Price: $270.60

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