DMC-FG3-92 - Floor Grommet - 3" - Gray


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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #DMC-FG3-92

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Floor Access Grommets

The In-Floor Grommet is a great solution for running cables underneath flooring, especially in raised flooring systems. Equipped with a rotating cover that closes snugly around cables to prevent debris and thin shoe heels from slipping in and getting caught, this grommet protects cords as they pass through the floor, and prevents tripping hazards to people walking nearby. Perfect for classroom settings, data closets, or even call centers.

SIZE: 3", 5", and 8 3/16"

COLORS: Black & Gray


What Are The Benefits of Using Floor Grommets?

Cable Organization: Floor grommets help keep cables organized and prevent them from tangling or getting in the way. By routing cables through the grommet, you can maintain a clean and professional appearance in your workspace.

Protection & Safety: Grommets protect cables from damage caused by foot traffic, rolling chairs, or other objects. They create a safe passage for cables, reducing the risk of tripping accidents and prolonging the lifespan of the cables themselves.

Aesthetics: With floor grommets, you can hide unsightly cables and wires underneath the floor or desk surface, improving the overall aesthetics of your space. This is particularly useful in offices, conference rooms, or any area where cable management is crucial.

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Total Price: $12.08

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