AI-NM94 - Black Button® Push-in Connector - 1/2"


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Arlington Industries
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Product Details

ManufacturerArlington Industries
Manufacturer Part #AI-NM94

Product Description


Arlington Industries® Black Button™ Non-Metallic Wire Connectors

The Black Button™ wire connector from Arlington Industries greatly improves the quality of electrical box installations without adding much to your project costs. Cables installed using these simple box bushings are protected from jacket wear and other electrical hazards caused by sharp metallic edges, ensuring safer and more professional installations.


  • Tightly secures and guides cables running into an electrical box without conduit
  • Snaps in with a small amount of finger pressure for fast, tool-free installation
  • Prolongs cable life and increases overall electrical safety by preventing jacket wear
  • Listed for up to 2 cables to accommodate varying applications
  • Easily removed with a flat head screwdriver and can be reused if desired
  • Faster installation compared to similar products; reduces labor costs
  • Meets and exceeds UL E28474 and CSA LR49636 requirements for pullout testing and multiple wire installation
  • Multiple wires can be installed at once, or added later; great for new installations or the anticipation of future upgrades
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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Total Price: $0.11

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