OMAR-0097 - 1/4" Rubber Grommet - 5/8" Outer Diameter


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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #OMAR-0097

Product Description

Rubber Grommets

When running your cables through small openings or around sharp curves you will encounter rough metal or wooden edges that may damage or break your cables. These rubber grommets provide an abrasion resistant cushion around these small openings and sharp edges to protect your wiring. They are available in numerous sizes to fit just about any application.

MATERIAL: Made out of SBR rubber, 60 durometer commercial rubber.

  • Protects cables against abrasion damage when inserted through holes in metal, plastic, or other hard materials
  • Abrasion and tear resistant to ensure the quality of your cables
  • Snap-in design enables quick and east installation
  • Resistant to most chemicals and greases
  • Works as well as natural rubber
  • Ideal for use in manufacturing, machinery, and automotive applications
  • Protects cables from sharp edges or corners
  • Abrasion and tear resistant
  • Withstands temperatures up to 180° F (82° C)

Technical Specifications

Outer Diameter5/8"
Inner Diameter1/4"
Groove Diameter7/16"
Groove Width1/16"

Total Price: $0.67

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