Silicone Cold Shrink

Self-Shrinking Tube (No Heat Required!)

What Is Cold Shrink?

Cold Shrink is an open-ended, rubber sleeve or tube, that can shrink down three to five times its original size, similar to heat shrink tubing. The rubber tubing is held in place by an inner, plastic core that, once removed, allows it to shrink in size. No heat is required to get Cold Shrink to shrink, (hence it’s name). Silicone Cold Shrink installs in less than a minute but more importantly, it will last the lifetime of the cable. Silicone Cold Shrink easily withstands extreme temperatures. Want to keep water out of your connection? There’s no better solution than Cold Shrink Tube. Cold Shrink is IP68 rated, meaning no water gets in even while being dunked in more than 1 meter of water for over 30 minutes.

What Is The Difference Between Heat Shrink & Cold Shrink?

Heat shrink and Cold shrink (also known as pull-out tubing) are two different types of shrinkable tubing used to insulate and protect cables from a variety of factors. As you’d expect, the main difference between heat shrink and cold shrink is the way they are installed.

Heat shrink tubing shrinks when exposed to heat from heat gun or other heat source. Heat shrink is most commonly used in applications where a tight fit is required, such as in electrical wiring or for sealing the ends of cables.

Cold shrink, on the other hand, is a pre-stretched, plastic tubing that is placed over the cable or connector and then allowed to shrink into place without the need for heat. It is typically made of silicone rubber or a similar material and is used to provide insulation and protection to cables in a variety of applications. Cold shrink is most commonly used in situations where it is difficult or impossible to use heat, such as in confined spaces or where there is a risk of fire or explosion.

How Do I Install Cold Shrink?

Shrinks in Seconds, with No Heat Required! Say goodbye to your heat gun. No heat is required to get Cold Shrink to shrink, (hence it’s name). Cold Shrink is held in place by an inner plastic core that prevents it from shrinking down. The plastic core is perforated to make for an easy removal. Once you start pulling at it the plastic core it removes in seconds, allowing the Cold Shrink to reduce in size.

How Do I Remove Cold Shrink?

Try The Tower Utility Knife (TUK) Slide the tool underneath the cold shrink using the secured blade. The secured blade will cut the cold shrink as you move up, all while protecting the cable. Once you get to the connector, flip the tool and use the other blade to make precision cuts and remove the rest of the cold shrink.

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