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Shrinkflex® Hot Fusion Adhesive Liner Tape

Easily Make Any Heat Shrink Adhesive Lined

Hot Fusion Adhesive Liner Tape

Hot fusion adhesive tape is a hot-melt adhesive compatible with polyolefin and other heat shrinkable tubings. Simply wrap Hot Fusion around your bundle and cover with your desired heat shrink. Once heat is applied during the shrinking process Hot Fusion goes to work creating a permanent bond between your wires and the heat shrink you have applied.

It develops good adhesion to polyolefin, PVS, EVA, copper and aluminum. For use when extra adhesive may be needed for heatshrink, I.E. between large bundles and on the ends of large diameter heat-shrink. Can be used to fuse splices in braided sleevings.

Not recommended for use with Kynar or fluoroplastic substrates.

  • Splice Sleeving
  • Add adhesive lining to Heat Shrink
  • Add waterproofing to Wire Bundles
  • Lead-Free
  • Halogen-Free
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Useful with Polyolefin, PVS, EVA, Copper and Aluminum


Hot Fusion Adhesive Liner Tape - 2" - Clear

Price/Ft:  $2.25
Price/Ft:  $2.25
Total: $2.25