ZB-11004 - ZyBar Thermal Dissipation Coating, 4 oz., Midnight Black


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Unit Price: $79.99

Total Price: $79.99

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #ZB-11004

Product Description

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ZyBar Thermal Dissipation Coating

The first patented thermal dissipation coating for hard-running engine and exhaust environments. It greatly reduces extreme engine temperatures improving engine performance making wraps, tapes and ceramics obsolete. Apply with primer paint gun or touch up gun - has a higher hardness and durability than ceramic coatings.


  • 4 oz - coats a set of manifolds or turbo housing
  • 8 oz - coats a set of small block headers
  • 16 oz - coats a set of long tube headers
  • 32 oz - coats entire twin tube exhaust system

COLORS: Bronze Satin, Midnight Black, Cast - Medium Gray, Aluminum - Silver

Product Features:

  • Provides outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Reduces radiant heat by 90%
  • Reduces underhood temperatures by 40%
  • Extremely lightweight at 1 mil thickness (25 microns)
  • Less than 1/2 the cost of third party ceramic coaters
  • Performs in 2000 + F degree temperatures!

Usage and Application Information:

  • A 4 oz can of ZyBarcoats a set of manifolds or turbo housing.
  • Prep the component surface, spray on and air dry (5 days) or oven cure (450 F for 2 hours)
  • Single formula with no mixing, no thinning or catalyzing required
  • An experienced paint sprayer can expect is 8.1 Square feet per ounce at 1.2 mil (.0012) thickness
  • See detailed application instructions here

Technical Specifications

ColorBlack, Midnight Black

Total Price: $79.99

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