SSTG - Automatic Tension/Cutoff Tool for Stainless Steel Cable Ties


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Total Price: $194.99

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Manufacturer Part #SSTG

Product Description

Cable Tie Tools

The Stainless Steel Cutoff Tool is easy and quick to use. First just hand tighten the desired stainless steel cable tie onto your application. Once the cable tie is in place, slide the exposed end of the tie into the tool and keep squeezing the handles until the tie gets cut. This will not only tighten and secure your cable tie, but also provide a clean cut with just several quick and easy squeezes of the trigger. The compact size and light weight of the tool also help it to be used in restrictive or tight areas, and allow it to be transported easily.

Prevents Sharp Cable Tie Protrustions!

Stainless Steel Cable Ties are the strongest and most reliable solution to sleeving and other products that require fastening. These cable ties however can leave sharp, dangerous, and unsightly excess lengths of steel attached to your sleeving and assemblies. Wire, cables, and personnel can be cut and injured due to these extra stainless steel pieces. To prevent these protruding metal strips, use this heavy duty Automatic Tension and Cutoff Tool.

Additional Product Information

  • Heavy duty strength provides quick cable tie cutting.
  • Ergonomic design only requires several squeezes for easy usage.
  • Convenient size and shape allows for use in hard to reach places.
  • Clean cutting edge prevents dangerously sharp cable tie ends.
  • Unique design delivers easy and effortless storage and transportation.
  • Adjustable Tension Knob with 4 Main Settings
  • 1 provides the lowest automatic tension and 4 is the highest.
  • Works with 100 lb and 250 lb Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • 7 Inches long (178MM)
  • Weighs 20 Ounces

Total Price: $194.99

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