MA-35422 - Master Appliance - UT-100Si Soldering Iron Storage Case

MA-35422 - Master Appliance UT-100Si Soldering Iron Storage Case

Unit Price: $17.50

Total Price: $17.50

Product Details

ManufacturerMaster Appliance
Manufacturer Part #MA-35422

Product Description

Master Appliance Soldering Tools & Torches

The Master Appliance Ultratorch Case provides a durable carrying case for your Ultratorch and additional tools to help you in your work or hobbies, providing for easy access, travel, and protection.

This lead free Rosin Core Solder Coil and included container/dispenser is used with the Master Appliance Ultratorch to fuse together metal pieces in various applications. The coil design allows you to keep much more solder in much less space. The small design is perfect for those who solder on the go and travel with their soldering kit. This solder is also lead free making is less harmful to you and others around you who may breathe in the dust produced when sanding for a clean finish. Keep a less hazardous solder in a smaller more compact package in your solder kit.

Total Price: $17.50

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