GG-FLEX-50-KIT - Infinity Bond - Flex 50 PUR Hot Melt Applicator w/ Stand plus 1 ea of the PUR Adhesives

Gg flex 50 kit 4
Gg flex 50 kit 4
Gg flex 50 kit 1
Gg flex 50 kit 2
Gg flex 50 kit 5
Gg flex 50 kit 4Gg flex 50 kit 1Gg flex 50 kit 2Gg flex 50 kit 5
Gg flex 50 kit 4

Product Details

Infinity Bond
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Unit Price: $131.99

Total Price: $131.99

Product Details

ManufacturerInfinity Bond
Manufacturer Part #GG-FLEX-50-KIT

Product Description

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Infinity Bond Flex 50 PUR Hot Applicator

The Infinity Bond Flex 50 applicator offers exceptional performance and versatility in PUR and hot melt dispensing. This gun is able to dispense any of the Infinity PUR or hot melt 50-gram cartridges with ease. The Flex 50 features a detachable power cord for corded or cordless dispensing. Other features include a powerful 500-watt heater, lighted on/off switch, and dual (high and low) temperature settings all with an easy-to-read digital readout. The Infinity Bond Flex 50 gun comes with a detachable power cord and a sturdy plastic stand. There is also a metal stand option allowing for even easier use in busy applications.

Use the corded option for applications that require continuous dispensing, there is no need to recharge on the base with the power cord attached. The new cordless option is great for hard-to-reach spaces or large surface areas. The new and improved heater allows for 20 minutes of cordless dispensing.

  • Powerful 500-watt heater
  • High and low-temperature settings
  • Detachable power cord
  • Digital temperature readout
  • Lighted on/off switch

POWER CORD: Use Corded or Cordless

HOT MELT: 50-Gram PUR Cartridges

KIT: Includes Melt Applicator, Stand, and 3 PUR adhesive cartridges

Compatible 50 Gram Adhesive Cartridges

  • Infinity PUR WW30
  • Infinity PUR WW60
  • Infinity PUR MP75
  • Infinity Gummy Glue
  • Infinity Permanent Pressure Sensitive
  • Titebond HiPUR WW30 (discontinued)
  • Titebond HiPUR WW60 (discontinued)
  • Titebond HiPUR MP75 (discontinued)
Hot PUR Adhesive Tubes

Total Price: $131.99

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