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Whenever fast, portable heat is needed, heat guns and related hot air tools provide the solution. Not only are heat guns the recommended tool for correctly finishing a heatshrink tubing installation, but they are useful in dozens of other applications such as drying, heating, soldering, desoldering, welding and softening plastics and any other application where portable, concentrated heat is needed. We offer an assortment of heat guns and hot air tools suitable for many applications and at price points to accommodate virtually any need.

  • Recommended for Heatshrink Finishing
  • Portable and Easy to Use
  • Large Selection
  • Useful for Soldering and Desoldering
  • Concentrated Heat
  • Good for Any Application


Heat Gun Features

Heat Gun Type

Price/Ea: $69.00
Total: $69.00
Price/Ea: $197.00
Total: $197.00
Price/Ea: $186.00
Total: $186.00
HGD0.00RD - Milwaukee Dual Temp Heat Gun 8975-6 UL CSA 1000F max
Price/Ea: $124.99
Total: $124.99