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Patch App & Go System

A one-man data continuity tester and cable tracer that functions directly from any android or IOS mobile device. Simply download the free app on your phone and testing network cables becomes a fast and easy process. Each Tester is supplied with 6 Smart Remote Plugs (with the option of buying more) which are individual programmed with numbers from 1 to 6. As you test the Patch App & Go will visually display a pass or fail, as well as confirming the unique ID of the smart plug currently being tested. Patch App & Go continuity testing is suitable CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, unshielded and shielded network cables

The Patch App & Go Cat 6 Tester is suitable for testing Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, unshielded and shielded network cables. As the device performs each test the results will appear as a pass or fail on your mobile device. When a fail is reported, the app will instantly display errors such as mis-wires, split pairs, shorts and open ends.

Product Features

  • Download the free app to your mobile device
  • T1 Dongle Tester/Transmitter connects to mobile device via bluetooth connection
  • Test Summary: A live test summary of passes, failures & tests remaining
  • Pass: A visual wiremap display of a good termination
  • Fail: A visual wiremap display of crossed pairs & open wires
  • Save Results: Save & view site test data to view at a later stage
  • PDF Test Report: Automatically produces a PDF site test report, which can be emailed & printed
  • Chat: Launch chat to text, WhatsApp or call your work buddy while testing (IOS Only)
  • Multiple Test: Test multiple ports, allowing you to save your results & produce a test report
  • Quick Test: Quick fire testing of ports without saving results
  • Trace: Quickly trace unidentified cables using the Numbered Smart Remote Plugs
  • Test 568A or 568B: Set your device to test to 568A or 568B wiring configurations
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Additional Smart Remote Plugs can be purchased in sets of 6

Price/Ea:  $133.50
Total: $133.50
Price/Ea:  $133.50
Total: $133.50
Price/Ea:  $133.50
Total: $133.50
Price/Ea:  $268.50
Total: $268.50