G125 - Go-No-Go Gauge for AF8/AFM8 Crimpers

G125 - Go-No-Go Gauge for AF8/AFM8 Crimpers
G125 - Go-No-Go Gauge for AF8/AFM8 Crimpers

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #:

Unit Price: $103.21

Total Price: $103.21

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #G125

Product Description

From Daniels Manufacturing Corporation:

"Periodic gaging is recommended to insure accurate calibration. This is easily accomplished with the M22520/3-1 “GO/NO-GO” gage (DMC part no. G125) on SEL setting #8."


  • Easy design provides quick results.
  • Tests for a standardized and accurate crimp.
  • Two testing ends to ensure proper tolerances.
  • Strong and durable design.


  • M22520/3-1
  • Green GO end of .0390
  • Red NO GO end of .0440
  • For use with AF8 and AFM8 Crimp Tools
  • 3.50 inches long
  • Weighs 2.08 OZ

Quickly and Easily Tests Tool Tolerance

This Go-No-Go Gauge is designed for use with the AF8 and AFM8 Crimp Tools from DMC. Over time and repeated use a crimp tool can eventually lose its accuracy or get damaged and have its tolerance changed. Usually the changes are minimal and acceptable, but sometimes the slight change in calibration can be outside or acceptable tolerances. To ensure your tool still fits the standard used by other wire crimpers and cable installers, test it with this Go-No-Go Tool. Just insert the GO end and make sure it fits, and then insert the No-Go and make sure it does not fit. This double test will ensure that your crimper is higher than the minimum tolerance and lower than the maximum tolerance, making sure that all connectors and wires crimped with the tool will fit other connectors and wires in any assembly.

Total Price: $103.21

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