HDT-48-00PN - Handheld Pneumatic Crimp Tool

HDT-48-00PN - Handheld Pneumatic Crimp Tool

Unit Price: $2,105.00

Total Price: $2,105.00

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #HDT-48-00PN

Product Description

Deutsch AEC

Crimp Tool

The HDT-48-00PN Pneumatic Crimp Tool is a handheld, full cycling tool that produces a four point indent crimp on Deutsch solid style pins and sockets in sizes from 12 to 20. The tool runs on compressed air with no requirement for any electrical connection, even with the optional foot trigger attached. With the optional adjustable base, the tool may be permanently mounted for ease of use in high volume environments

Technical Specifications

SeriesDT Series, DTM Series, DTP Series, DTHD Series, HD10 Series, HDP20 Series, HD30 Series, AT Series, ATM Series, ATP Series, and AHD Series
Contact Size12, 16, and 20
American Wire Gauge Range11-14 AWG, 15+ AWG
Item TypeCrimper
Contact TypeSolid Contact

Total Price: $2,105.00

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