Daniels DMC Crimp Tools

Military rated crimp tools that work with Deutsch products.

dmc afm8 beauty
DMC Military Spec Hand Crimp Tool

The DMC AFM8 is designed for most of the miniature and sub-miniature connector types that are so widely used in electronic systems. Positioners adapt the tool frame to a particular application. The data plate on each positioner designates which contacts the positioner accommodates for its wire size and indicates selector position. The positioner is easily removed and changed.

  • Heavy duty yet light weight and easy to use tool.
  • Adjustable for a range of wire sizes.
  • Unique design allows for easy mating.
  • Gives a standardized and accurate crimp every time.
  • Works with Deutsch Products.
  • Go-No-Go Gauge available to test accuracy.
  • Two different size tools. (AF8 and AFM8)
  • MIL-DTL-22520/2
  • For use with 12 through 32 AWG
  • Various attachments and dies available.

Crimping with the DMC line of Deutsch Crimp Tools

Using the AF8 and AFM8 crimp tools, along with their various dies and attachments, can be learned by watching the video to the left. It shows how to insert your terminal into the tool, then insert the desired wire, and pull down completely on the handle to form a firm and complete connection crimp.

More instructional videos for our various products can be found on Wirecare.com's YouTube Page.

Item Type

Contact Size

American Wire Gauge Range


Price/Ea: $4091.74
Total: $4,091.74
Price/Ea: $350.58
Total: $350.58
Price/Ea: $503.26
Total: $503.26
Weekly: $33.00
Deposit: $347.50
Pull Tester
Price/Ea: $3320.90
Total: $3,320.90
Price/Ea: $832.31
Total: $832.31
Price/Ea: $100.53
Total: $100.53