HX3 - Open Frame Crimp Tool - M22520/10-01

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Manufacturer Part #HX3

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DMC® HX3 Open Frame Crimp Tool

DMC HX3 crimp tool feature a system of interchangeable dies (accommodates "X" series dies) which eliminate the need for separate fixed die crimp tools for each and every different application. Many maintenance and production organizations have standardized on one of these models, thus eliminating the cost associated with maintaining and calibrating bulky inventories of single purpose, dedicated tools.

Tremendous flexibility and cost advantages exist with this crimping system due to the wide variety of military and proprietary interchangeable dies available for this tool frame. As new requirements evolve, a new set of dies is all that’s required to meet the demand. Crimping dies are snapped into the tool frame and retained in place by internal spring clips. They may be permanently secured, if desired, by pressing a roll pin into the holes provided. The tool frame is equipped with a positive ratchet assembly which controls complete handle movement in both directions.

Installing Dies

Step 1: Align die rail slots in die halves with the rail in the crimp tool and push shank of dies into holes. Dies will snap into place.

Step 2: Close handle to make sure dies are properly seated. The tool is now ready for use.

Removing Dies

Caution: Before attempting to remove dies from tool, assure that all lock pins have been removed. Failure to do so may result in serious damage to the tool.

Step 1: With crimp tool handle open, place die removal tool against the end of knockout pin and tap gently with small hammer. The die will be released from the front die holder. It can not be removed by hand.

Step 2: Close the crimp tool handle and slide the die removal tool between the die and tool body. Pull handle open with a snap action. The die will be released and can then be removed by hand.

Caring For Your Tool

It is strongly recommended that you:
  1. DO NOT immerse tools in cleaning solution.
  2. DO NOT spray oil into tool to lubricate.
  3. DO NOT attempt to diassemble tool or make repairs. Contact DMC to lear nabout refurbishing & repair services.

Total Price: $574.42

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