II30-793 - IDEAL® - Omniseal ProXL Compression Tool


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Unit Price: $73.94

Total Price: $73.94

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #II30-793

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Ideal Networking Tools

Networking Tools

The OmniSeal Pro XL is a high quality compression tool made from high strength aluminum that compresses F, BNC, RCA, RG-11 and Mini Connectors with no adjustment. The only application where a slight adjustment is required is for 90 degree connectors. Because no adjustment is required this tool saves you time and money, making compression connectors incredibly simple to install.

Additional Product Information

  • Small and Compact for Portability and Storage.
  • Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Simple Lever Design
  • Adjustable to Prevent Damage to Weaker, Low Quality Connectors
  • Saves Time and Money.
  • Installs all Straight Compression Connectors with no Adjustment
  • Works with F, BNC, RCA, RG-11, and Mini Connectors
  • Works with 90 Degree connectors with slight adjustment
  • For RG-6, RG-59, and RG-11 Cables

Total Price: $73.94

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