CSA-0760 - Crimper for Insulated Terminals and Splices - 10-22 AWG - APEX Part# MAC2210

CSA-0760 - Crimper for Insulated Terminals and Splices, 10-22 AWG.
CSA-0760 - Crimper for Insulated Terminals and Splices, 10-22 AWG.

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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #CSA-0760

Product Description

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Pressmaster Crimper for Insulated Terminals & Splices

CSA-0760 is a crimping tool for insulated connectors, 0.75 - 6.0 mm²/AWG 22-10 (red, blue, yellow), Oval-Crimp symmetric.

  • High strength, through hardened alloy steel construction
  • Versatile and easy to customize for right hand or left hand users
  • Full cycle crimp mechanism to ensure consistent, reliable crimp
  • Ratchet release mechanism to clear miscrimps and obstructions
  • Precision eccentric adjustment for consistent performance and ability to calibrate
  • Each tool has a unique serial number for traceabilit

Professional Crimping Tools

The process of crimping involves a connector and a wire being deformed in a way that makes them hold together. While there are many options for crimping available, the Pressmaster family of crimp tools provides a tight and solid crimp that allows cables and connectors to be held together while not damaging the functionality of either. In addition, they require much less time, manual strength, and expertise than other competing crimp tools in order to operate. The precision dies and crimp profiles allow you to consistently obtain the same crimps repetitively, without a loss in quality or risk of damage to cables.

C-Frame Crimpers

The C-Frame of this tool was originally engineered by Pressmaster, and is now considered the standard for crimp tools the world over. The crimp, feel, weight, and look of the C-Frame are a welcome site to those used to similar frames on other tools, or those that require a more simple design to stay consistent with earlier work. Being an ambidextrous tool, it can be customized for both right and left hand users.The full cycle crimp mechanism and ratchet release mechanism ensure consistent and reliable crimps every time. The tool also has a precision eccentric adjustment for calibration to ensure consistent performance.

Compatible Wire Types

The CSA-0760 provides an Oval crimp with dimensions of 22-16 AWG (0.75-1.5mm), 16-14 AWG (1.5-2.5mm), and 14-10 AWG (2.5-6mm). These crimp sizes and styles are designed to crimp your Coax connectors properly to pre-insulated red, blue, and yellow connector cables. The Oval style crimp provides the most complete and recommended crimp for these type of cables and connector combinations.

Technical Specifications

American Wire Gauge10 AWG, 11 AWG, 12 AWG, 13 AWG, 14 AWG, 15 AWG, 16 AWG, 17 AWG, 18 AWG, 19 AWG, 20 AWG, 21 AWG, and 22 AWG
American Wire Gauge Range9-10 AWG, 11-14 AWG, and 15+ AWG

Total Price: $169.08

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