MCT FRAME - Mobile Tool Frame for Use with 4300 Die Sets

MCT FRAME - Mobile Tool Frame for use with the 4300 Die Sets
MCT FRAME - Mobile Tool Frame for use with the 4300 Die Sets

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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #MCT FRAME

Product Description

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Pressmaster Mobile Crimp Tool Frame

MCT FRAME is a crimping tool frame for mobile tool die sets. Easily interchangeable crimp dies are kept together with a special pin to simplify handling. A wide range of crimp dies enables the user to cover all applications in just one tool frame.

  • Reliable – crimping performance is consistent and accurate with a parallel action stroke.
  • Easy to use – designed to give the user full visibility of the crimping process. Handles are shaped for low effort crimping with a one or two hand grip.
  • Versatile – an easy-access release function allows fast and simple exchange of crimp dies. No special tools needed.
  • Weight and size of the tool are optimized to make it easy to carry. Dies are kept in pairs and delivered in a modular reusable box.
  • Comfortable – the entire tool frame is covered in smooth plastic for comfortable use, also for outdoor operations in all weather conditions
  • Hole in handle allows attachment of safety strap

Professional Crimping Tools

The process of crimping involves a connector and a wire being deformed in a way that makes them hold together. While there are many options for crimping available, the Pressmaster family of crimp tools provides a tight and solid crimp that allows cables and connectors to be held together while not damaging the functionality of either. In addition, they require much less time, manual strength, and expertise than other competing crimp tools in order to operate. The precision dies and crimp profiles allow you to consistently obtain the same crimps repetitively, without a loss in quality or risk of damage to cables.

Mobile Service Tool Frame

The Mobile Tool Frame is specially designed with the service technician and versatile repairman in mind. The frame is lightweight yet durable, helping increase mobility. In addition, the frame features easily changeable dies, allowing for a large selection of various crimping options. The dies are quickly removed and replaced, with a simple latch release and die storage containers. This set up and design allows one to replace a large collection of crimp tool with simply the mobile frame and the dies that they require.

Quick Interchangeable Dies

The interchangeable dies available for the Mobile Tool Frame come in storage cases that easily lock together. This helps with organization and mobility. The dies themselves are available in all widely used configurations, for various connector types and sizes, and are all one-piece dies, removing the chance of losing part of the die set.

How To Change Dies

Changing dies with the Mobile Tool Frame is quick and easy. Simply slide the latch on the top of the crimp tool jaw with your thumb, and grasp the current die while pulling it straight up. To insert the new die, push the desired die straight down into the die well, and the latch will clasp shut automatically. Inserting and removing the dies from the mobile cases is similar, requiring only to be pulled up or pushed in at a straight angle.

Technical Specifications

Contact TypeSolid Contact, Stamped and Formed Contacts

Total Price: $74.89

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