PROTEUS10H - Crimper for Ferrules - Hex

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Manufacturer Part #PROTEUS10H

Product Description

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Pressmaster Proteus 10H - Crimping Tool

This Pressmaster Proteus 10H crimping tool is lightweight, compact, comfortable and self-adjusting tool for crimping ferrules.

Product Specifications

What is the difference between the Proteus 10S and Proteus 10H?

The Proteus 10S and Proteus 10H have the same specifications in regard to size, weight, crimp length, etc. The main difference between the two crimpers is the crimp profile. The Proteus 10S provides a Square crimp while the Protues 10H create a Hex crimp.

Crimp Profile Diagrams
Square & Hexagonal Shaped Crimps

The difference/reason between the square and hexagonal Proteus crimp tools depends on the purpose. What can be said is that Square crimps fit better into rectangular shapes and that hexagonal crimps fit better into round shapes . This should give the end user a good indication of which tool to choose iven that they know what style of terminal block they are using.

Crimp Profile Diagrams 2
Operating Instructions for Proteus Crimp Tools

The Proteus crimp tools are easy to use for crimping ferrules and wire end sleeves. For detailed diagrams on the product's use please view the Proteus Instruction Guide.

How to Care for Your Proteus Crimp Tools

It is recommended that the operator of the tool be made aware of, and responsible for, following these maintenance steps:

  • Remove Dust, moisture, and other contaminants with a clean brush, or a soft lint-free cloth. Do not use objects that could damage the tool.
  • Make certain that all pins, pivot points, and bearing surfaces are protected with a thin coat of any good SAE No. 20 mtor oil. Do No oil excessively.
  • When the tool is not in use, keep the handles closed to prevent objects from becoming lodged in the crimping dies and store the tool in clean, dry area.

Additional Product Information

  • Ratchet (With Emergency release)
  • Non-Slip Grip Pad
  • Ergonomically Shapped Handles
  • Lightweight & Compact design for use in confined spaces
  • Low handle for for larger ferrule sizes
  • Hole for attaching a safety strap
  • Connection: Insulated & Non-Insulated ferrules/wire end sleeves
  • Adjustment: No
  • Capacity: AWG 26-8
  • Crimp Profile: Hex
  • Crimp Lenfth: Up to 12mm / 0.47in
  • Life Spane: >50,000 Cycles
  • Weight: 371g / 0.81lbs
  • Length: 176mm / 6.93in
  • Width: 26mm / 1.02in
  • Height: 62mm / 2.44in
  • Handle Spread (Closed): 46mm / 1.81in
  • Handle Spread (Open): 142mm / 5.59in

Total Price: $215.00

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