LSDI Wire Strippers

Versatile Multifunctional Wire Stripper

LSDI EasyStripper™

The EasyStripper™ multifunction wire stripping tool makes wire stripping fast and easy. This self-adjusting tool can strip wire from 10 – 26 gauge, stranded or solid core wire with one squeeze of the handles. The replaceable jaws grab the wire jacket, cut it and strip it away in one smooth motion. Built of solid high quality construction, the tool also provides connector crimping and wire cutting capabilities built-in to the handle. This one tool can replace several tools in your toolbox.

Automatically Self-Adjusts to Wires

This heavy duty tool will automatically adjust itself to fit wires size 10-26 AWG. The durable metal jaws grip down and out, creating the perfect pressure and leverage no matter what size or type of wire is used. The strong construction also provides long lasting performance for years to come and for many continuous jobs. There is no need to adjust settings, turn knobs, or use different strippers: The EasyStripper™ will be the only wire stripper tool you need for all of your various installations and applications.

American Wire Gauge Range


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