FireFly Cable Ramps

Cable Ramps

FIREFLY® Cable Protectors with it's LED Illumination strips are the only way to safeguard your wires and cable runs, not only for your cabling, but also for all the people and foot traffic your events require. With FIREFLY® LED illumination: The Industry's first and only cable protectors with highly visible animated LED lights, you will own the safest and fullest cable ramp solution, and the peace of mind that accompanies that knowledge. FIREFLY® is the Industry's first and only cable protection solution that protects more than just your cables by emphasizing safety as an important componet to the cable protector's design. That is what makes FIREFLY® Cable Protectors the best solution for use at fairs, carnivals, amusement parks, conventions or any private area where cable protectors are being used. Each section is 3ft (36 inches) long and interlocks with additional sections at each end.