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Guard Dog® Cable Ramps

Protect Cables From Vehicle & Pedestrian Traffic

Guard Dog® Cable Ramps

The Guard Dog® Cable Ramp system provides a fast and easy way to guard and protect valuable electrical cables and hose lines from damage and abuse while providing a method of safe crossing for constant vehicle and pedestrian traffic Each cable/hose line is separated and organized in its own protective channel to ensure safety. Ideal for use in amusement parks, entertainment venues, sporting events, and in most public, commercial, industrial, construction, and utility applications.

Guard Dog® ramps comply with NEC (National Electrical Code) Article 525 for minimizing the tripping hazard of electrical cables at carnivals, fairs, amusement parks and similar events. A wide range of accessories for the Guard Dog® system makes it the ideal solution for virtually any application. Guard Dog® ramps are manufactured from UV stabilized polyurethane with reinforced fiberglass hinge pins for long lasting usability under any conditions. Heavy duty dog-bone connectors ensure stability whaen Guard Dog® ramps are laid together in long runs. Guard Dog® ramps resist damage from gasoline, hydraulic fluid, oils and other common chemicals, and may be used indoors or outdoors

How To Choose The Right Type of Wire Ramp

Light Duty & Indoor Ramps
  • Ideal for Home & Offices
  • Intended for Indoor Use Only
  • For Pedestrian & Foot Traffic Only
  • Not Intended for Vehicle Crossover
General Purpose Ramps
  • Ideal for Large Events or Everyday Use
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • For Vehicle & Pedestrian Traffic
  • Uses Include Concerts, Street fairs, Sporting Events, & More
Heavy Duty Ramps
  • Ideal for Rugged Construction Sites
  • Intended for Outdoor Use
  • For Construction & Vehicle Traffic
  • Built To Withstand Heavy Equipment Crossover

What Makes a Ramp ADA Compliant?

To ensure that a wire ramp is ADA compliant, it must adhere to specific guidelines outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines. These guidelines aim to provide accessibility and accommodate individuals with disabilities including those in wheelchairs. Some key guidelines for ADA Compliant Ramps include:

Slope: The slope of the wire ramp should not exceed the maximum allowed slope ratio specified by the ADA. For outdoor ramps, the maximum slope is 1:12, meaning that for every 12 inches of horizontal distance, the ramp should rise no more than 1 inch. For indoor ramps, a steeper slope of 1:8 may be allowed in certain situations.

Clear Width: The wire ramp must have a minimum clear width to allow individuals using mobility devices, such as wheelchairs or scooters, to comfortably navigate the ramp. The minimum clear width for a straight ramp is 36 inches, while a minimum width of 42 inches is required for a ramp with switchbacks or platforms.

Surface: The surface of the wire ramp should be firm, stable, and slip-resistant to ensure safe passage for individuals with disabilities. It should not have any protruding objects or loose materials that could present a tripping hazard.

Transitions: Transitions between the ramp and adjacent surfaces, such as floors or sidewalks, should be smooth and free of abrupt level changes. This ensures that individuals using mobility devices can easily navigate the transition without difficulty or discomfort.

To ensure full ADA compliance, it's recommended to consult the ADA Accessibility Guidelines or consult with a qualified accessibility professional or architect familiar with local regulations.

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