Defender® Cable Protection Systems

Heavy Duty Wire Ramps

defender ramp

If you've ever used duct tape to hold down cables, cords or wires, you know it's ugly, inefficient, damages the flooring and can be dangerous when it comes unstuck. Protect your valuable cables and wiring while protecting the traffic that passes over them with our cord covers, cable protectors and wire covers. Indoors or outdoors, these products not only protect wires, hoses and cables from abrasion and wear, but provide a safe and easy way to lay wires across pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas. Easy setup and teardown make these modular systems ideal for office, factory floor or studio use, as well as temporary applications such as conventions, fairs and festivals.

An inexpensive version of the Defender III system. The arrangement of supports moulded into the bottom permits the Defender Compact to be laid over a run of cables, supporting the weight of crossing vehicles. Black polyurethane construction with ribbed non-slip surface.

The ultimate enhancement for heavy loads.The unique Compact base with a weight of 3.5 kg is attached to the Compact to form a single unit. Thus reinforced, the Compact can withstand high loads. Even forklifts and lifting trucks can now drive over this cross -over with no problem. The 5 cable ducts, each with a diameter of 22 mm, provide ample space for many applications. If a line of several DEFENDER Compact units with base is assembled, the row now remains stable even if a car drives over it.

A system intermediate between the Defender Compact and the Defender III. This cable crossover features 5 cable channels, moulded connectors, and a lower height and lighter weight than the Defender III. The load bearing capacity is similar to that of the Defender III!

Black polyurethane construction with textured non-slip surface and highly visible yellow polyethylene lid including three cable ducts. Lid load bearing capacity per typical tire imprint. Crossover lengths are joined by connector plugs, available individually. Each crossover is supplied with one pair of connector plugs. New lid with patented hinge (EU Patent No.: EP1366550) (lid remains attached while cables are laid) and integrated zipper fastener, providing better protection from soiling and tearing than traditional hook and loop fasteners. A complete range of accessories expands the Defender III into a flexible system for protecting your valuable cables and multicores.

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