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Show Everyone Your Love Of Wiring (& WireCare!)

Why Do I Need A WireCare® Hat?

The real question is, why wouldn’t you need a WireCare® Hat ? We can’t come up with any reasons why it’s a bad idea since this hat is a fashion staple. If you insist on some reasons why you need it we’ve listed them here:

  • It Looks Cool
  • Provides Shade From The Sun
  • Covers A Bad Hair Cut
  • Shows Everyone You Love Cable Management
  • Hides Your Receding Hairline
  • They Come Highly Recommended By Ricky Hofmann

Is Screaming "I Love WireCare!" At The Top Of Your Lungs Not Enough To Express Your Love Of Wiring?

We've got a selection of WireCare® SWAG for the wire guru in your life! Our WireCare® Collection includes t-shirts, decals, keychains, stickers, and hats! If you've missed out on previous a T-shirt of the Month don't fret because those are in there too! Browse our entire Wirecare Collection Here

Want Some WireCare® Merch for Free? Here's How...

Join our WireCare® Rewards Loyalty program! Once you enroll in our rewards program, every $1 you spend will earn you 1 reward point (but keep your eyes out for double, or even TRIPLE points, on special occasions). Save up those points and you can redeem them in our Rewards Program Dashboard for a variety of products including WireCare® SWAG!


Price/Ea:  $24.99
Total: $24.99
Price/Ea:  $24.99
Total: $24.99
Price/Ea:  $24.99
Total: $24.99