PFDL-10141302BL - Powerficient® - IEC Dual Lock Power Cord, C14 to C13, 18AWG, SVT, 10A/250V, 2 ft, Blue

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Unit Price: $16.99

Total Price: $16.99

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #PFDL-10141302BL

Product Description

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Powerficient® Dual-Lock Power Cord

Powerficient® Dual-Lock Power Cord allow for faster and more secure deployments without need for retaining clips, velcro® ties, connector sleeves, etc. Patent-Pending C13 S-Lock rotary mechanism fits securely and locks with any standard C14 inlet. Patented C14 P-Lock fits any standard C13 outlet and positively locks with most standard PDU outlets.

POWER CORD END TYPES: C13, C14, C15, C19, & C20

POWER CORD END SET-UP: C14/C13, C14/C15, C20/C13, & C20/C19

COlORS: Blue & Red

LENGTHS: 2Ft, 4Ft, & 7Ft

Technical Specifications

American Wire Gauge18 AWG
Current Rating10 Amps

Total Price: $16.99

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