M22759/32-12-9 - 12 AWG Tefzel Power Wire, White - 10 ft cuts


Product Details

Manufacturer Part #:
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Price per ft: $1.18

Total Price: $11.84

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #M22759/32-12-9

Product Description

Tefzel Power Wire

This lightweight, high temperature airframe and avionics wires utilize an insulation of cross-linked, modified ethylene tetrafluoreothylene copolymer (ETFE). The insulation resists high PH cleaning fluids, fuels, lubricating oils, and many other chemicals. The wires can withstand temperature test extremes ranging from cold bend (-65°C) through (150°C) . These wires are a mechanically tough, flame retardant and weight saving solution to many aerospace applications.

MIL-W-22759/32 wires have crosslinked extruded ETFE insulation for aerospace and other applications requiring light weight, tight diameter tolerances, and enhanced mechanical toughness. Crosslinked ETFE insulation also provides exceptional resistance to radiation and chemicals

Technical Specifications

American Wire Gauge12 AWG

Total Price: $11.84

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