Methods for Protecting Apple Cords and Chargers

Are you tired of having to replace your lost or damaged Apple cords and chargers?
Wirecare is here to help you. We have a variety of different techniques and products that could help you protect those valued cords!

Preventing Charger Cables from Damage

Step 1: Identify which cord you are working with (See Diagrams Below)

30 Pin Cable

30 Pin Capatability:

  • Iphone 4S & Prior
  • 1st - 4th Gen. Ipod Touch
  • Ipad 3 & Prior
Lightning Cable

Lightning Capatability:

  • Iphone 5S & Later
  • Ipod Touch 5th Gen.
  • Ipad Mini
  • Ipad 4th Gen & Later
  • Ipad Pro
Magsafe Cable

MagSafe Capatability:

  • Macbook 2009 - 2010
  • Macbook Pro 2010 - 2012
Magsafe2 Cable

MagSafe2 Capatability:

  • Macbook Air 2012 +
  • Macbook Pro 2012 + (Retina)

Step 2: After Identifying the cord you are using. Purchase the corresponding Kit in the desired colord. Found Here

Step 3: The Tutorial Video shown below will explain the steps of repairing or protecting your cable. (Steps in Video are also listed below)

Step 4:(Shown in Tutorial Video) Determine the correct size of Heatshrink based on your cable end. Choose the heatshrink size that fits snug but still allows the cable end to travel through.

Step 5:(Shown in Tutorial Video) Measure the length of Heat Shrink you need, making sure that it covers the damaged section (if applicable). Although you do not need to cover any part of the cable end, it is recommended to help keep the Heat Shrink from slipping.

Step 6:(Shown in Tutorial Video) Mark where to cut the Heat Shrink, and cut along designated line.

Step 7:(Shown in Tutorial Video) Using the Heat Shrink for reference, cut a strip of adhesive that will slide into the Heat Shrink along side the cable. Adhesive is Optional but recommended.

Step 8:(Shown in Tutorial Video) It is ok if the adhesive seperates from it's backing, the tape will not be sticky to the touch. It will become sticky once heated.

Step 9:(Shown in Tutorial Video) If our cable is damaged, remove any excess rubber or coating prior to applying Heat Shrink.

Step 10:(Shown in Tutorial Video) Slide the cut piece of Heat Shrink over the cable end. Depending on the size of the cable, it may be a very tight fit. If it does not fit your Heat Shrink may require some stretching. To do so, insert two dowels into the Heat Shrink and force them apart gently, continue to do so until the Heat Shrink fits over the cable end. Warning: If Heatshrink rips while stretching it will not work properly.

Step 11:(Shown in Tutorial Video) Check if your cable end has lights or anything else you shouldn't cover while positioning the Heat Shrink. If applying adhesive, remove the backing and insert the strip along side the cable.

Step 12:(Shown in Tutorial Video) Once the Heat Shrink and Adhesive Strip are positioned properly, use a Heat Gun or other source of heat to heat the Heat Shrink slowly and evenly. This may take a few minutes, please be patient. Hold farther down the cable to prevent burning yourself.

Step 13:Your cable is now protected or repaired!