Tying a Single-Knot with Lacing Tape

There are two common techniques for grooming wire harnesses with lacing tape. The first is a single knot technique, where individual short lenths of lacing tape are tied and knotted along the length of the harness. The other is a Marline Hitch, where long, continuous lengths of tape are used with running lock stitches along the length of the wire bundle. Either one is generally acceptable, and both will result in a properly dressed harness.

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The preferred knot for the single knot technique is the clove hitch. It is easy to tie, snugs down tight and doesnt dig into the insulation. Depending on the diameter of your bundle, start with an 8 - 12" piece of lacing tape. Here is a How-To explaining the proper way to tie a clove hitch:


Tips & Techniques

Step 1

Wrap the lacing tape around the bundle so that both ends are on the same side and the loop is loose enough to work with.

Tips & Techniques

Step 2

Slip the ends under the loose loop in opposite direction.

Tips & Techniques

Step 3

Snug up the knot, making sure that ends are captured under the loop.
Tie off the two ends with a square knot and pull it tight.

Tips & Techniques

Step 4

Trim the end, and youre done. Some people will put a drop of glue on the knots for extra security, but this is completely optional.

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