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WireCare Joe
The Restoration Story Of Plum Crazy

We all know how life can sidetrack us from our dream projects, with family, raising kids, work & other things taking priority. Joe from WireCare® started his 1969 Road Runner project in 1985, with the crazy idea to make the most eye-popping & powerful Mopar Performance Street Machine in the Northeast. That second love of his life has been taking a back seat to life's priorities for the past 37 years. His dream car's triumphant return to the road has appeared even further in the rearview mirror this year.

The WireCare® crew teamed up with our amazing friends and sponsors to bring Joe's longtime project to fruition! We took his car from a pile of parts to the tire-burning, road-rumbling, 383 V8 gas-guzzling monster that came off the line over 50 years ago. The goal was to restore this classic Road Runner & surprise Joe with the finished product he has been dreaming about for 37 years!

Plum Crazy Plymouth
Car Specs & Details

Vehicle Owner: Joe Clohessey of Franklin, NJ

Make & Model:strong> 1969 Plum Crazy Plymouth Road Runner

Motor: SAS Custom Built 438 Stroker with Fitech Fuel Injection System, Hooker Headers, & 3” Exhaust

Transmission: TorqueFlite 727 with 3000 Stall Converter Rebuilt by Gearstar™

Wheels: Centerline Auto Drag Rims with Good Year Eagle GT4 215/70SR15's (front) 255/60SR15's (rear)

Paint: Dupont Imron Plum Crazy Purple • Circa 1970

Scat Forged Rotation Assembly: 4032 Racetec flat top pistons with file fit total seal rings. 4340 Forged H-Beams rods with arp 2000 rod bolts. 4340 Internally balanced crankshaft with arp main studs.

Project Partners: Fragola, Techflex®, American Autowire, FiTech, GearStar™, Por15®, SAS Parts & Performance, Rhodes Tire & Brakes, and The Wire Works.


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Flexo F6® - 1/4" - Black

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Price/Ft:  $0.91
Total: $9.10

Flexo F6® - 3/8" - Black

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Price/Ft:  $1.05
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Shrinkflex® Polyolefin Heatshrink Tubing - 2:1 - 1/2" - Black

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Shrinkflex® Polyolefin Heatshrink Tubing - 2:1 - 1/2" - Purple

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Price/Ft:  $0.95
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Flexo® PET - 1/2" - Highlighter Yellow

Price/Ft:  $0.908
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Price/Ft:  $0.908
Total: $9.08

Flexo® PET - 3/4" - Highlighter Yellow

Price/Ft:  $0.95
Premium Treatments:
Price/Ft:  $0.95
Total: $9.50