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DMC® AF8 Mil-Spec Crimp Tool Frame

The DMC AF8, qualified to MIL-DTL-22520/1, has virtually limitless application within the specified wire range of 12 through 26 AWG. Over a thousand turret heads are available to adapt the tool frame to your specific military or proprietary contact/wire combination. The 8 impression crimp, which is standard in the AF8, assures absolute maximum tensile strength with almost every closed barrel contact.

DMC® AFM8 Mil-Spec Crimp Tool Frame

Qualified to MIL-DTL-22520/2, the DMC AFM8 is designed for most of the miniature and sub-miniature connector types that are so widely used in electronic systems. The AFM8 meets the need for a miniature tool accommodating wire sizes 20 through 32 AWG. The AFM8 gives a Mil-Standard 8 impression crimp, which assures maximum tensile strength. The cycle controlled precision ratchet assures consistently accurate crimps every time

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