Cable End Pants

Professional Speaker Cable Termination

Cable End Pants

Cable Pants are ideal when building your own speaker cables. They keep the conductors separated when terminating and connecting to your components.

Just work these unique end terminations over your finished assembly for the ultimate in wire customization.

Note: Cable Pants are not heat shrinkable.

  • Easy, Slip On Installation
  • RoHS Compliant

Part #Cond.A (entry)B (exit)C (length)
ET20.24BK26 mm3.5 mm98 mm
ET20.28BK27 mm3.5 mm98 mm
ET20.31BK28 mm3.5 mm108 mm
ET20.35BK29 mm4 mm78 mm
ET20.39BK210 mm4 mm98 mm
ET20.43BK211 mm4.8 mm90 mm
ET20.55BK214 mm4.8 mm98 mm
ET20.24BK48 mm3 mm160 mm
ET20.24BK49.5 mm4 mm160 mm
ET20.24BK411 mm4 mm145 mm

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