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ACT Cable Tie & Lacing Tape Removal Tool with Wire Stripper

Safely remove cable ties or lacing tape from wire harnesses or cable bundles. These heat treated alloy steel tools have a hooked blade with a safety guard that slides behind the cable tie to prevent cutting or nicking the insulation of the wires. Softly padded and ergonomically shaped handles for comfortable use and a locking lever to lock the tool closed when not in use make this an indispensable tool for any installer. Wire stripper safely strips wires from 12 to 22 AWG.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Cable Tie Removal Tool?

Efficiency: Cable tie removal tools are designed to quickly and effortlessly cut through cable ties. They provide a clean and precise cut, saving you time and effort compared to using manual tools like scissors or pliers.

Safety: Using a cable tie removal tool reduces the risk of injury. When attempting to cut cable ties manually, there's a chance of slipping and accidentally cutting yourself or damaging nearby wires or components. The specialized design of a cable tie removal tool minimizes the risk of accidents.

Preservation of surrounding materials: Cable tie removal tools are designed to cut through cable ties without damaging the underlying materials. This is particularly important when removing cable ties from sensitive items like electrical wires, hoses, or delicate surfaces. The tool's precision ensures that the surrounding components remain intact.

Ergonomics: Cable tie removal tools are typically ergonomically designed, providing a comfortable grip and reducing strain on your hands and wrists. This is especially beneficial when you need to remove a large number of cable ties or work in tight spaces for an extended period.

Versatility: Cable tie removal tools are compatible with various sizes and types of cable ties. They can handle different widths and strengths, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

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