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High Quality Strip Tools from the Heart of Sweden

"Since the start, our factory has been located in Älvdalen, a community deep within the mountains and forests of Sweden. The people of the region have a long history of adapting to their environment by creating clever solutions, and we are proud to be a part of this tradition. This is what enables us to remain at the forefront of our industry. With ingenuity and skill, we have developed and manufactured tools in Älvdalen since 1976. Our knowledge and people, in combination with our stimulating environment, have resulted in a company supplying hand tools to the world’s leading connector manufacturers and premium distributors."


pressmaster stripper tool

The Pressmaster Strip tools have several different product lines, each designed to benefits specific work environment and desired end results. The various Strip Tools were engineered to take advantage of their unique designs, giving the best and most accurate strip available. We carry Pressmaster Strippers designed for PVC insulated wires and PTFE hard insulated cables. Whether you need a quick strip or an accurate insulation cut, their is a Pressmaster strip tool designed for your needs

  • Guaranteed minimum lifespan of 150,000 cycles
  • Superior design ensures highest quality strip results
  • Easy to use cassettes reduce number of tools required
  • Ergonomic shape and grip reduce operator fatigue
  • Interchangeable cassettes help cost effectiveness
  • Automatic adjusting strip reduces operation time required
  • Included wire cutter reduce number of tools needed
  • Strips widest range of wire sizes of any tool of this type

  • Guaranteed minimum lifespan of 100,000 cycles
  • Eyelet to allow attachment of safety straps
  • Can create straight, circular, or spiral cuts
  • Absence of external sharp edges allows safe storage
  • Blade automatically returns to starting position
  • Includes replacement blade inside the tool bottom
  • Can be used to strip insulation of any size
  • Includes normal and large capacity hooks

  • Guaranteed minimum lifespan of 50,000 cycles
  • Quick use for increased work output
  • Precision setting for custom adjustments
  • Comes with a replacement blade, increasing lifespan
  • Replacement blades stored inside the tool's side
  • Can be used to strip insulation of any size
  • Rounded for easy transportation and quick use
  • Economic price with high quality results

  • Fast and accurate use for field repair and installation
  • Different colored cassettes allow easy organization
  • Included Corex V-Blocks adjust the tool to desired size
  • Designed for coaxial cables 0.10" to 0.30" in diameter (RG178 -RG6)
  • Tool is easily used by rotating around cable
  • Open and close design allows use on any section of cable
  • Each kit includes one blade cassette
  • Additional blade cassettes available to provide additional strip dimensions

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