Low Profile Cable Ties

Low Profile with Flexing Contoured Head

Low Profile Cable Ties

With its low profile and contoured ‘locking head' these cable ties are safer, smoother and stronger than traditional cable ties. Safer because the (often barbed) stub is now deflected into a pocket at the rear of the head… more flexible because the flat lock section curves to the bundle contour…and stronger because these high quality ties use an ‘in line' mating design eliminating the stress points of traditional cable ties.

Low Profile ties need no special tooling to apply them to their bundle. A pair of dikes, side cutters or any industry installation tool will work.

Manufactured from dependable 6/6 Nylon®, these unique cable ties are available in 7" and 14" lengths in either Natural (clear) or UV stabilized Black.

The 7" ties have a 50lb. tensile strength and the 14" ties have a 120lb. tensile strength.

  • Very Low Profile
  • Smooth Flexing Contoured Head
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Pick Proof Underside Lock
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40° to 185°F. (-40° to 85°C.)


How to use the Low Profile Cable Ties is explained in this instructional video created by Wirecare for its customers.

More instructional videos for our various products can be found on Wirecare.com's YouTube Page.