Stainless Steel Ladder Cable Ties

Multiple Locking Mechanism

Self-Locking Ties For Speedy Applications

Stainless Steel Ladder cable ties offer unique multiple locking design providing fast ans easy installations. The unique structure of the ladder type cable tie provides durability and makes it ideal for applications requiring extreme strengths. Those cable ties can be used in virtually all indoor, outdoor and underground (including direct burial) applications. They are especially well suited for network bundling of data and power cables. Their high strength, non-flammability, rounded edges provide the definitive support for network cables. All coated ties use a base metal 316 grade stainless steel for excellent resistance to temperature extremes, corrosion, weather, chemicals, salt sprays and UV radiation.

  • Multiple Locking Mechanism
  • Sizes Offered in 7mm & 12mm Widths
  • Fire Proof, Halogen Free
  • Self-Locking
  • Surface Finish: Metallic (Uncoated) & Black (Coated)
  • Coating: Pure Polyester

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