Nylon Identification Cable Ties

Easy Wire Bundle Identification

Nylon Identification Cable Ties

ID cable ties offer a quick and simple way to bundle and identify a wide range of wire and cable assemblies with one simple and highly efficient cable tie solution.

Ideal for a broad array of cable and wire bundling and identification applications, from small to medium to heavy-duty, these top quality ID cable ties are currently available in 3 different sizes to meet all of your cable bundling and wire identification needs and provide a superior, long-lasting durability that you can count on! Offered with a minimum loop tensile of both 18 lbs. and 50 lbs., ID cable ties are available in natural color only and in convenient packaging choices.

  • Bundling with Identification Strips
  • Available in 4", 7" and 14" sizes
  • 18 to 50lb strength

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