RG13.00YL - Rip-Tie® CableWrap - 1" x 3" - Yellow

Yellow Rip Tie RG13.00YL
Yellow Rip Tie RG13.00YL

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Unit Price: $5.25

Total Price: $5.25

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #RG13.00YL

Product Description

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Rip-Tie® CableWrap

Rip-Tie® CableWrap is fast, easy, and tidy. The best way to organize cables and keep them neat, it installs in seconds and has a handy pull-tab release. Wrap the male end of the tie around one cable or pipe, insert a plastic tie through the hole, then simply wrap the rest of the Rip-Tie® Wrap around the rest of the bundle. Once attached, the Rip-Tie can be released and reapplied with one hand. Durable and tough, it can last over 10,000 closures with no loss of holding strength. Used in industries, businesses, home, and anywhere else, the Rip-Tie® secures cables, keeps them organized, and eliminates hazards.

LENGTHS:3", 6", 9", and 14"

WIDTHS: 5/8" and 1"

MAXIMUM BUNDLE SIZE: 0.5" (3" Tie), 1.5" (6" Tie), 2.25" (9" Tie), and 3.75" (14" Tie)

COLORS: Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow.

Installing Rip-Tie® CableWrap

Step One: Position CableWrap near male end of cable with fuzzy side facing away from cable. Wrap tightly around cable one and a half times.

Step Two: Insert pointed end of plastic tie through hole closest to cable and thread through eyelet. Pull tight

Step Three: Clip off excess tie. The Rip-Tie® CableWrap is now anchored in place.

Step Four: Wrap CableWrap tightly around bundled cables with the fuzzy side out until cables are secure.

Step Five: To release the bundle pull the tab.

Product Features:

  • Patented...one end permanently attaches to the cable...the other end has a pull tab to release the Rip-Tie® with one hand.
  • Durable, made of the best quality hook and loop touch fastener...tested for 10,000 closures with no loss of holding strength.
  • Used in many industries and in the home....wherever it is important to secure cables, keep them organized, and eliminate cable safety hazards.
  • Reusable and permanently attached. You can stop throwing cut plastic ties away.
RipTie CableWrap on a Cable

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Total Price: $5.25

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