RK111.0BK - Rip-Tie® EconoWrap - 1" x 11" - 2 piece pack


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Unit Price: $5.50

Total Price: $5.50

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #RK111.0BK

Product Description

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Rip-Tie® EconoWrap

Available in a variety of widths and lengths, the Rip-Tie® EconoWrap is great for controlling cables and cords. The gentle-hold hook and loop is simple and easy to use, while the die-cut rounded edge makes quick release a snap. 2,000 Release Cycles for economy minded budget.

LENGTHS: 7" or 11"

WIDTHS: 3/4" or 1"

MAXIMUM BUNDLE SIZE: 2" (7" Tie), 3" (11" Tie)

Installing Rip-Tie® Econowrap

Step One: Position EconoWrap onto the bundle with fuzzy side away from object.

Step Two: Wrap EconoWrap tightly around the bundle.

Step Three: Installation is complete.

RipTie EconoWrap on Cable

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Total Price: $5.50

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