Powerbridge In Wall Power

Simple and code compliant way to self install in-wall cables

Powerbridge beauty
In Wall Cabling Solution

"PowerBridge can be installed with any type LCD, LED, OLED, Plasma and projection systems. Provides extended power and allows for external surge-protection and UPS-backup power to expensive televisions, standard electrical outlets installed cannot. Works with all sizes and brands and PowerBridge is the only in-wall extension manufacturer to provide multiple designs to install with any type of wall mount and custom installation requirement. Innovative, engineered installation solutions leader, since 2007."

  • Complies with electrical codes in many countries.
  • Safe and legal alternative to running wires through walls.
  • Eliminated problem of dangling and messy wires.
  • Multiple kits available for different entertainment center setups.
  • Does not require previous knowledge of electrical wiring.
  • Meets or exceeds UL and CSA safety standards.
  • Considered non-electrical non-premise wiring.

Installing the Powerbridge In-Wall Connection

This video from Powerbridge shows the proper procedure for installing a Powerbridge product to reduce clutter and mess in your home theater installations. As can be seen by the video, Powerbridge is a quick and simple way to install a line for power and other cables through your wall, without needing a contractor or expensive materials.

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