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Bluelounge® Kii

The Bluelounge Kii is designed to be used with all apple electronic products, no matter their age or use. For the iPhone 5, the iPod Touch, iPad 4, and other current generation apple products, the Lighting plug is available. For older products, the 30-pin connector is available. This versatility allows you to charge or sync your device into any available laptop or mobile computer. The easy access and low location of these USB ports is ideal for your device to rest while charing, as a desktop computer and other USB ports will not work correctly with the Kii, creating too much strain on the device. As long as you or someone around you has a laptop computer or a USB port that can be made level to a table or other surface, you can charge your device for extended hours of operation.

Benefits & Features

  • Fits perfectly onto keychains.
  • Super light and ultra portable.
  • Allows syncing and charging of your device in any location.
  • Compatible with the iphone, ipad, and ipod.


  • Available with Lightning plug and 30-Pin Plug.
  • Contains self-locking system for security and protection.
  • Designed for use with mobile computer USB ports.


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KI-BL - Keychain Charger-Connector, Black, 30 pin
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